In March of 2013, an “Organization”, rather casually, posted a line under their home web page title as, "dba Greater Jamesport Area Chamber of Commerce" to which they did not have, nor have now, any legal right or any affiliation with the REAL "JAMESPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE" which was established in 1998 and is is now in its 15th year of serving the Jamesport Community with a highly rated web site, 800 phone inquiry lines, and more recently, a more economical, personable and professional, tour service for both small parties and especially,Motor Coach tours.

Mr. Ron Ledesma, a tour guide operating under (although not the owner of) another tour company, is the web master for the (other)  “Organization" (They were ashamed to have me name them) and as such, he decided, he could "hi-jack" folks looking for the Chamber, by, simply adding a line under that  title, on their home page, on the Internet,  as,  "dba  (the legal acronym for “Doing Business As) “Greater Jamesport Area Chamber of Commerce", with NO AUTHORIZATION; and with neither moral, ethical, nor legal right to do so. This is a blatant violation of Infringement law.  And, carries a statutory penalty of $100,000 if in a Federal Court

When the real Jamesport Chamber of Commerce sent him a letter to CEASE and DESIST, using a name already registered with the Missouri Secretary of State as a “Service Mark” and protected, as such, in Missouri,  he scoffed at the law, and responded by changing the line to "dba: Jamesport Chamber of Commerce"; Which is EXACTLY the same as the "Not for Profit Organization" and "Legally Registered" Service Mark", of the real, "Jamesport Chamber of Commerce".  He has since gone back to his original longer version, no less a violation, however.  { UPDATE: May 2013: The imposters have been served with a second Cease and Desist order from Dubail Judge, Attorneys at Law, and have responded with claims that they are "doing nothing wrong"; and will continue to ignore the law and any objections to their illegal infringement.

Ledesma was able to justify this in his mind, by paying $7 to the State (on the internet) and claiming to be "Doing Business As": “dba:  Jamesport Chamber of Commerce" tt he had just as much right to use the name as the legally registered "not for profit" which had been using it, unmolested, for 15 years.  This is about as ethical as someone sending in $7 to the State and claiming to be the "Ford Motor Company" or "General Foods” or any other business, or identity, that already exists....Such as (your business name) and then listing their contact information;   Purely, a blatant, and intentional attempt to deceive the public, as to who they are really dealing with.

DO NOT contract for anything or service, believing you were dealing with a reputable Organization, when the person on the phone, is claiming to be someone (or Organization) that they are not;  it is dishonest and they will "bait and switch you", for the goods or services;  and by misrepresentation, cheat you, because they were engaged in "identity theft", for their own, and others’ gain.  The real Chamber was created to (in addition to promoting commerce) provide information (even toll free) about the area and the business community.  Why would someone want to "steal" that and "impersonate" that unless they had a personal (financial) gain, as a motive?

It is for this and other instances of illegal and /or unethical business conduct on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ledesma, and their businesses (The Arbor House Inn, and Tours) are banned from memberhip in the Chamber and that the REAL Jamesport Chamber of Commerce must EXPLAIN, to the public to use CAUTION, as to who you are dealing with, and not to be fooled or cheated by imposters when arranging for services, such as lodging and tours, in Jamesport.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience, in you having to ferret out the REAL Chamber, from the imposter, but, asking them if they are The Chamber of Commerce is not enough;  (they will lie); to make sure, you must , visit" or call 660 684-6711or 800 490-6606 ( Toll Free)  When calling ask for "Myrick or Nina".

Thank you and we will look forward to hearing from you, and serving you, as we have for the past 15 years.