Murder Mystery Weekend


The Country Colonial B & B of Jamesport, Mo. is hosting Murder Mystery Weekends.  Come and become part of the community and its resent murder.  This weekend package for six includes:  


  Evening refreshments

Crime Scene Inspection  

Interview with Police Inspector

Secrete Dossiers Received  


        Large Country Breakfast with Clue Investigating 
          Scavenger Hunt Through Shops for Clues
          Candlelight Dinner
          Dessert in Parlor With Interrogating


Large Country Breakfast with Clue Investigating

Carriage Ride Through the Amish
(If weather permits

Murderer (Murderers) exposed

The mystery was written about Jamesport, Mo. and the characters could (or do) live in the town itself.

          Banker?Richard (Richie) McGreedy
          Amish Horse Trader---Levi Straussman
          Retired Air force General---W. O. Manizer
          Senator---Phyllis Bluster
          Basket Maker---Merry Weaver
Antique Dealer---Frances Hill

Learn More about the Characters (click here)

The mystery weekend is $975.00 ( $325.00 per couple).  It does require 3 couples.  This will be a weekend of excitement, good shopping, excellent food, and fun.
Rules of the Game  (click here)

Some weekends are available in September through April of 2005
For more information:

Call 1-800-579-9248
E-mail [email protected]

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